Grow Your Own Tea

Stevia Houseplant
Stevia Houseplant

Instead of buying old tea bags or loose leaf tea from a store, why not grow your own? With Stevia, you can even grow your own sweetener if you do not mind the unique flavor.


This is my favorite tea. Mint is a great crop to grow in containers as they send out root runners that can take over a garden otherwise. Mint grows and can be harvested a good part of the year depending upon the climate. In cooler climates, you can always dry your own loose leaf tea to still have access in the wintertime. 


Though not a tea flavor in itself, this can be grown as your sweetener. Stevia can be propagated and can grow as an annual outside or brought inside in the winter for year round sweetener. Stevia is a sweetener that does not increase your glucose levels in your bloodstream, so this may be a good sugar alternative for those watching their sugar intake.

Blackberry or Raspberry Leaf

Though these do not have a lot of flavor, they are frequently used for medicinal purposes. Many pregnant moms have drunk this for Uterus health. Do your research and contact a doctor as always for any medicinal health advice. If you like the flavor, raspberries and blackberries are super easy to grow to the point of taking over fields if you let them.

Dandelion Root

Most places in America have Dandelions. Dandelions are perfectly edible. Why not use this weed instead of killing it? The leaves taste best in the springtime before hot sunshine. The roots can be used pulled up and dried at any point. This is a tea you are probably already growing.


Cinnamon the spice is the bark of a tree. If you cannot grow Cinnamon itself in your climate, you can at least grow a small version inside and harvest a bit for consumption. Who does not enjoy the strong scent of cinnamon around Christmastime?

Pine Needles (Avoid certain pine species)

Do your research on which pine needles to avoid as a few can be toxic, but many enjoy a good pine needle tea. These grow year round in many areas.

Tea Leaves

You can grow many types of actual tea (Camellia sinensis) as houseplants as well if you prefer this type of tea.

Next time you enjoy a cup of tea, I hope it can be a cup of tea you have grown. Yes, you can grow 100% of your tea ingredients and have greater satisfaction in fresher ingredients.