April Gardening 2020


Potatoes have produced many greens. A hard frost last night burnt the majority of them, but I am sure they will recover from the setback.

Potatoes frost burnt with a dandelion and artichoke

My kale and chard are starting to bolt. Garlic is growing strong like always, and my 80-100 onions are getting taller. I have gotten a couple dozen carrot plants from overseeding and a new germination method. Artichokes are getting taller, and my peppermint has come back. I have not harvested our beets yet but plan to soon. I topped off the wood chips in our garden from moles turning over soil. This is avoiding too many weeds so far.


In the food forest, most fruit trees have grown some leaves and several blossoms each. Many more blossoms than last year. Even my peach trees had blossoms despite one of these trees not having put on leaves until June last year.

Peach blossoms

I planted nine fully mature blueberry bushes from a neighbor who was kind enough to give me them as they were clearing room for a different garden. Each plant took an hour to dig up as their roots were two feet deep and a couple feet wide. This was a ton of work, but if they make it, we should have blueberries for decades.

I transplanted some strawberries to the food forest as they are taking over in my main garden. Though I transplanted a couple dozen or more plants, I probably have hundreds left in my garden from the dozen I planted last year’s runners.

Strawberry plants (several varieties)

I am adding weed cloth in several areas as weeds are taking over a good portion of the food forest and fence lines. This and some wood chips should help contain them.

As I am hoping to water my garden from a separate water supply than our house, I am installing a new water system. I dug a sump well in a wet location on the property by hand and have twenty minutes of water from it every hour. If needed, I can dig it deeper. I will run my sprinklers in zones to limit the water needed so I do not run this well dry.

We are putting trusses up in our shop. Once that is done, we can start sheeting the roof and sides. The greenhouse will not be worked on until the shop is finished. It sure will be nice to have for next growing season.