What is Permaculture?

We have already discussed many techniques to imitate nature and make gardening easier. Bringing them together is called permaculture. Make connections between inputs (needs) and outputs (results). Plants need nitrogen and result in food. Chickens need food and create nitrogen with manure. Bring them together and you are making a connection.

Mr. Rooster

Chickens need calcium after laying eggs. Humans need eggs but typically do not eat the shell. Feed the crushed egg shells back to the chickens to supplement their calcium and avoid waste.

Splitting firewood while getting exercise is another connection

We can bring this into our lifestyle as well. We need exercise and to stay warm in the winter. Why not split wood by hand if we are capable and get both at the same time? This also saves fuel and money. After burning the wood, the wood ash can be used for chicken dust baths or used in the garden helping soil become more alkaline.

Repurpose our waste to be useful and work in as many connections as is feasible. Reuse aluminum cans and plastic containers as starter pots for plants.

Create connections and reap more with less work

All these connections help us live more in harmony with nature rather than fighting it so much. This also makes our jobs easier, more efficient, and eliminates waste. Take on the challenge to recycle and reuse as much as possible and write down inputs and outputs around your homestead that can make permaculture connections.