Early Summer 2019 Food Forest Update

The food forest has grown some. After late frosts, one of my mulberry trees and my Hardy kiwi lost their leaves for good. I got replacements for both and the replacements are doing well. My black and red currants put on some fruit while my honeyberries have quit for the year. Raspberries are slow as they are just getting established. I have gotten maybe a dozen berries from them so far.

I still have not finished mulching the food forest. I am low on wood chips, and have considered buying my own chipper. But for now I am focusing on mulching thickly around the trees themselves and weed whacking the weeds down in the rest of the area.

I am still waiting on the thimbleberries to get tall enough to put on fruit. While pulling up some weeds around them, my dog and I got into an underground wasp nest. Only each got stung once or twice though. I might wait until fall before venturing over to this part of the food forest again.

One of my peach trees seems to have gotten a fungus or bacteria, so I might spray it as peaches usually die around here if not sprayed.

Hopniss is growing well. The yacon is getting big. Both are growing among weeds as I did not have enough mulch at the time. Come fall, I plan to get rid of the weeds when I do not have to worry about hurting the good plants.

My grapes are around a foot or two tall now. I hope they get tall enough for the trellis this year.

Two of my apple trees have a few apples in them. We are excited to try the pink fleshed apple especially.

Some bugs are eating some pear leaves.i hope they recover. Some small worms we’re eating some cherry leaves. I picked them off.

Hopniss growing up a basic trellis among weeds
Yacón growing among weeds