How to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

RIP Christmas Tree

Yes, sadly Christmas is over. That beautiful (or interesting looking) Christmas tree has now dried up and become a fire hazard. Instead of throwing out or burning your Christmas tree though, why not repurpose it?

Mulch or Hugelkultur

Use your tree as mulch! Bring your Christmas tree into your garden or raised bed. Using loppers, cut off all the branches. This does not take as long as it sounds. Chop them off and lay them spread out as mulch for your perennials or for where you will plant your annuals later this year. The smaller the pieces, the faster they will decompose. If you do not get regular rain in the winter, try spraying the branches every several days to help with the decomposition. The needles will fertilize the soil (and no, it will not make it too acidic). The twigs will make great textured soil. Once they decompose, this is a mini version of Hugelkultur (normally hugelkultur is buried with soil on top, so if decomposition ASAP instead of mulch is your goal, add soil on top).


If you cannot use the trunk as mulch or do not wish to bury it to decompose and create great soil, at least burn it to heat your house in a woodstove. Use the trunk as firewood. Cut it up into rounds and if not small enough, cut into pieces with a splitting maul.

Mulching your branches is a great way to repurpose your tree and build up your garden soil to be better each year. While you are at it, why not rake some of the leaves that are killing your lawn and place them in your garden too?