Green Hubbard Squash — The Best Winter Squash for Families?

3 Green Hubbard squash next to a small watermelon

I am a fan of acorn squash. Its texture is not nearly as stringy as spaghetti squash and its taste is mild and pleasant. But my favorite squash may be replaced with an even faster growing cousin.

We have not tasted it yet, but many have said it tastes better than acorn squash and is sweeter. Similar to sweet potato.

I bought an acorn squash start this year as my acorn squash I had planted from seed was still quite small. Two weeks or so after planting my start, I received my green Hubbard seeds after discovering the variety as a smaller variety that its sister, blue Hubbard squash (though both can grow to be massive).

After a few weeks more weeks, my acorn squash blossomed but my green Hubbard vine was almost the same size despite its much later planting.

Now in late summer, my green Hubbard has grown far longer than the acorn squash and has put on several more squash (which themselves are larger also). If these squash taste at least as good as acorn squash, I will definitely be growing several more of these next year. I have at least three green Hubbard squash fruits that are about mature size versus my acorn squash having 1-2 fruits.

If you want a squash bring personal size (or for leftovers) and want lots of produce and size from your squash plant, I highly recommend Green Hubbard squash.

Note: if you have a large family, look into blue Hubbard squash. These are very similar but seem to grow even larger.