How to Make Money from a Blog

Many are unaware that you can make a full time income with a blog without being a software engineer or marketing wizard. The key is producing regular, quality content, and setting up strategic ways to make an income.

Getting Started

Come up with a topic to write on. Try to keep it focused on a few of your favorite related topics. Are you good at crafts? Gardening? Cooking? Managing Finances? Sewing? Beekeeping? Raising farm animals? Woodworking? Maybe you are not good at them yet and simply wish to share the process of learning how to do some of these from scratch. Make a list of what interests you most and pick your favorites. You can always change them later and steer your blog toward other interests if you choose.


Once you have picked your topic, you should pick a web host. Though most are pretty similar, make sure it allows WordPress hosting. WordPress is a blogging platform that is open source (community developed) and free to use with infinite customizability.

I have used Bluehost, Hostgator, and many others, but one of the best hosts I have found so far is Siteground. This is due to their reliability, great support, low prices, latest and fast technology, and ability to be paid referring others to their hosting (I referred others to hosts anyway, so why not get paid for it?). Being an affiliate automatically makes people skeptical of your claims, and with reason. But I really am happy with their service and would not recommend them if I have not had a great experience with them so far.

Check out this in depth and non-affiliate (unbiased) review of Siteground. They go into the pros and cons of Siteground and why they give it a great review.

If you are interested in signing up for Siteground, you can support us by using the following link:

Sign up for Siteground

Once you have set up your blog with your host, it is time to choose a WordPress theme. You can find many for free, but make sure to find one with good reviews and careful search engine optimization (SEO) as this can make a big difference in how search engines rank your blog. You can also find plugins that help with SEO. The higher rank you are with search engines, the more likely your blog will gain followers.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs allow you to get paid a commission for referring your followers to a product. Try to pick products you would use anyway and genuinely like as honesty is always the best policy with sales. Amazon has an ultra popular affiliate program that we use. We buy most everything but food from Amazon and figured we might as well recommend and review some of what we have liked for others and make a commission on the sale to support this blog’s costs.

As mentioned above, Siteground has a great program that allows you to get paid for referring others to their hosting. They pay $50-100+ per referral! You can read more about their affiliate program on this page. This is one of the most effective ways to make an income while blogging.


Advertisements are the most obvious methods of making money blogging. Try to keep these to a minimum to avoid becoming distracting. Ideally you can find an ad program that provides ads consistent with your blogging content. You usually make money per click.

Alternate Methods of Income

Once you have a following, sponsored posts are a possible way to make some extra income. Or you may be able to trade sponsored posts with another blog to help both blogs gain followers and increase your search engine ranking (links to your site from well ranked sites helps your own blog’s ranking).

Paid content such as How To PDFs and Recipe books are another effective way to earn money. Some even create member areas with subscriber only content for the most dedicated readers/viewers.

Try a little of each of these methods of income and see what works best. The affiliate method is probably the best for making money with less of a following.

Best of success to you and making a living from your blog!