August Gardening 2020

Blue lake beans

We are harvesting a handful or two of blue lake and dragon tongue beans every few days.

Dragon tongue beans
Red and blue huckleberries

We picked over two gallons of blackberries in one day. We are freezing most of it for blackberry crisp throughout the rest of the year. We also enjoy a bowlful of berries and whipped cream many evenings.

Early girl tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes are putting on strong — faster than we can eat them. We are also getting many slicing tomatoes. I will make some salsa from them soon.

Sweet potato blossom

My early planting of sweet potatoes are thriving the vines are spreading out over three feet. My later row is disappointingly small. So I will definitely plant sweet potatoes earlier (first week of April) rather than June in the future.

Acorn squash
Green Hubbard squash

Acorn and Green Hubbard squash are forming. As is one watermelon. Hoping to get many squash this last month of the growing season.

Sugar baby Watermelon

Regular potato plants that I thought were done for the season have had a resurgence.

Nevada lettuce

My lettuce is growing strong. Though many plants have bolted due to our heat (it got to 110 degrees one day). The Nevada lettuce definitely is less bolt prone than some of my other varieties.

Red Russian kale

A few strawberries have put out even more runners. I will have to transplant maybe a hundred or more plants elsewhere. otherwise they will take over the whole garden. If only everything in our garden grew as easily as strawberries!

Lemon cucumber

We have harvested a few lemon cucumbers. Some of my plants are about 4-5 feet tall.

My katniss (Duck potatoes) and sunchokes are doing well. We will see how much of a harvest they have in a month or two.

Salsify is getting taller. Though my carrots have not germinated well yet. I might have to crack out my carpet germinating method again if I want many this winter.