July Gardening 2020

Green Hubbard squash blossoming

I am planting lettuce like wild and harvesting some each week. We still have to buy most of our lettuce, so I am trying to fix that. We will each usually eat a head of romaine in a single salad, so I cannot plant too much lettuce. I am planting a couple heat resistant varieties of lettuce — Nevada and Jericho romaine. Hopefully I can get enough planted to not have to buy greens anymore.

Nevada lettuce

My dragon tongue beans are already producing. I harvested one supper of beans from my plants. The blue lake beans are just starting to grow beans.

Dragon tongue beans
Blue lake beans growing up the fence

Snow peas are also coming on strong.

My squash and cucumbers have blossoms and are spreading out. Tomatoes are putting on green fruit but we have only harvested a handful of cherry tomatoes so far. I have been tying and guiding the cucumbers and tomatoes up our trellis. I hope the cucumbers will provide some shade for my lettuce as the days get hotter. We get over 100F here in our summers each year with no rain until September.

Strawberries put on several a week but just enough for eating a few fresh off the plant.

Blueberries are getting eaten by birds despite us going out every day to harvest. I will have to put up netting after all if we want any ripe ones.


Blackberries are just ripening. We enjoy a bowlful with some whipped cream each evening this time of year. I am looking forward to when we have peaches too (I only have a single peach this year).

My first Peach

Raspberries are putting on also but we only have a few plants still. They have not established very well yet. Hoping they do better next year.

My passion fruit has started a new vine with leaves after the ear wigs have finally left it alone! This is relieving as it was not looking well at all.

The sweet potatoes are vining out all over. My second row has hardly any sign of life, so planting the first week of June odds far too late. My first row I planted the first week of April but the second I decided last minute to plant.

My red kale has grown to harvesting size. I also planted a mess of carrot seeds next to my row of salsify which is growing up.

Red kale ready for some leaves to be harvested

I purchased some katniss (duck potato) from eBay which I planted on a couple five gallon buckets with dirt and water up to the brim. They have not done too well so far probably because of the heat and them being in containers. Hopefully they pull through or I will have to move them farther into the shade.

Katniss somewhat shriveled from the heat

My wintergreen has put on blossoms but has not grown at all from what I can tell.

My corn was slow starting due to late rainy weather and my irrigation not being setup correctly. I had not caught that two of my sprinklers were set to run for zero minutes each day for several weeks. The corn is liking the heat though and looks healthy.

Some of my onions have gotten huge! Others are still too small. I am trying to figure out what makes the difference as all are watered plenty and get sun. Could be the soil is better in certain areas? Some onions were shaded by my kale and chard which I have since pulled up and transplanted or fed to the chickens.

My potatoes have started dying back but some have recovered since I started watering them more. My rhubarb has finally established after me thinking it was going to die from bugs and not getting enough water.


I harvested my first (and only) artichoke. My second plant does not look too happy without any buds but my forest looks great.

Artichoke right before harvesting

I have given several arugula and peppermint plants away as mine keep reproducing. Same with garlic. One garlic head was so big a family member thought it was elephant garlic (it is not). Watering it seems to make a big difference in size as I had not watered it the last couple years and most were pretty small.

Garlic head

My apples should be ready next month. Something ate my two cherries. My toddler ate all the red and black currants and tries to eat all the green blueberries. She has sure enjoyed harvesting all the berries this year.

Wild thimbleberries near my house

I planted some leaks as we only used the greens in one recipe. They grew the greens back and are looking strong. I am doing the same with romaine stalks.

My sunchokes are doing well though I have to water them extra as they are in buckets.