Wild Strawberries

An abundance of tasty small berries

One of my favorite parts of early summer is snacking on wild strawberries each day on various parts of our property. These strawberries are tiny but more flavorful than even fresh garden strawberries. They are typically only the size of a green pea. They produce berries for a few weeks right up until my blackberries start producing yet after my honey berries.

Wild strawberry plants look just like garden strawberry plants. The leaves may be smaller, but I have seen them grow big and even tall.

Some of the first wild strawberries of the season

Our garden strawberry is actually a hybrid between these small strawberries and a large white, chilean strawberry variety that has little flavor. Thus garden strawberries are much larger than the wild variety but more flavorful than the chilean ones. But before this variety was grown, alpine strawberries were all the rage. Our ancestors selectively bred these strawberries to be a little bigger than the wild variety but just as flavorful since it is not cross pollinated with the chilean white variety. You can find alpine strawberry seeds from many seed companies if you wish to give them a try.

Fresh wild strawberries from our property

But if you have access to wild strawberries, they are a great treat that are pretty hardy. I do not water or weed these strawberries and yet harvest from them year after year. My dog has even figured out these are tasty and sometimes beats me to some of them. I have to give him a ball to chase before picking some days.

May you have best of success foraging!