Spring 2019 Garden Update

With my perennials and biennials, my garden grows at least something year round. But it is not until late spring and summer that the garden truly comes alive.

Strawberries starting to ripen

Strawberries are starting to ripen though ants have beat me to a couple. My partial shade strawberries are late as normal, but my full sun patch I planned last summer have already grown some berries.

Purple Majesty potatoes

My potatoes I planted last fall have all come up. I planted some more varieties a few months ago. My kale, chard, arugula, and onions are all bolting.

Chard bolting
Assorted greens from seed

My asparagus have yet to show signs of life. My peppers starts are doing pretty well. We also purchased some curled parsley, thime, and basil starts along with a new variety of kale and red cabbage.

Red cabbage starts

Some late frosts set my potatoes and food forest back as well as killed my basil start.

Everything is slowly recovering from the frosts in the food forest. My grape and kiwi vines just barely have leaves. Same with my mulberry trees. The other trees seem to be doing well. My gooseberry bush is leafing out. Red and Black currants are just forming. Honeyberries have been ripening already despite the frosts.

Hopniss and one of my yacón have come up.

Though I thought all my thimbleberry transplants were dead, a couple just sent up new shoots from the roots. Wild strawberries are just ripening. No cattail pollen yet, but salal and Oregon grape blossoms are forming.

Lettuce from last summer

I planted zucchini this week with cucumbers. Some of my artichoke starts did not make it through the transplant shock, so I will have to plant more from seed.

I am planting corn, quinoa, beans, and squash in the drain field this year. We will see if it gets enough water to produce a good harvest.

That is all for now. This summer should be our biggest and most successful garden yet. 🥕