What To Do With All Your Apples — Real Apple Products

Apple Sauce – Use your favorite apple sauce recipe with our without cinnamon. Freeze it for eating throughout the year. 

Cider or juice – Make apple cider or apple juice.

Pie – Everyone enjoys apple pie.

Freeze Pie Filling – Make just the pie filling and freeze this.

Eat Them – maybe with Peanut Butter or Nutella

Refrigerate – Keep some for the coming Winter Months

Dehydrate – Make dried apples either chewy or apple chips

Can – You can either can them as straight apples or can apple pie filling.

Feed to Chickens and Livestock – Any worm filled apples or ones that go bad, your livestock or pets will still enjoy.

Compost Extra – If you do not have any livestock or pets, you can still use worm filled or overripe apples as compost to boost the soil in your garden.

Give Away – If you still have more than you can use, many of your friends or family would likely be happy to be given spare apples.