Gardening Without Yearly Planting?

Strawberries blossoming (perennials)

What if we could eliminate even the yearly planting process? Let us revisit our potato example. Potatoes are perennials, meaning they can grow back every year if you leave at least one in the soil. Chances are you will miss one when harvesting anyway. You can even leave potatoes in the ground year round and collect a few when you feel like hashbrowns or baked “French fries.” There are a ton of edible perennials.

Here are a few:
• Garlic
• Egyptian Walking Onions and Potato/Bunching Onions
• Asparagus
• Strawberries
• Blackberries
• Raspberries
• Potatoes
• Sweet Potatoes
• Wild Arugula
• Swiss Chard (Perpetual Spinach)
• Kale
• Blueberries
• Jerusalem Artichokes
• Mint
• Lavender
• All fruit trees
• Scarlett Runner Beans

Note that some of these can be invasive if not properly maintained, so do some research on them and only plant the invasive ones where you do not mind them taking over if you do not wish to have to control them.

Potato plant (perennial)

Many annuals can also self seed meaning they can come back every year from seed even though they are not a perennial. Tomatoes, for example, often volunteer to come back every year as rotten or hidden tomato falls and plants itself for next year.

Squash is an easy self planter as well. Especially since the plants frequently produce more than we use anyway. 

Mimic nature’s way of planting. Embracing self seeding and perrenials for at least a good portion of your garden will make for a harvest even some years that you do not have time or interest to plant annuals.